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The update is at this point running more than 5 hours.

From the Package Manager Console I can see that the packages are being updated.

My manager mentioned that he previously had a similar problem on a smaller project, he removed the project from source control, updated the packages (Which was almost instant) and added the project back to source control.

Is there any reason that TFS might cause slow updates? Hard to tell without seeing your project, but yes TFS can definitely slow things down.

There is no way to force disconnection since all the other windows cannot be brought into focus anymore. Hi Mister Monday, What version of 4.7 are you using, and are you using the binary version installed by the Launcher or did you build the Engine from source code?

I have to kill the editor via the task manager and lose all my work. I tried to reproduce this by using a project that is set up to use Perforce as source control, then disconnected from the network.

Once I had disconnected, none of the Perforce functionality in the Engine worked, and I was unable to see the message window that you provided a screenshot of.

Are the connectivity issues that you are experiencing happening at the server you are using for your Perforce repository, or are they happening at your side of the connection? I'm using 4.7.6 and the version installed by the Launcher.

Corporate systems need monitoring, backups, updates, as well as system and user management.

It's not so much about disconnecting, it's a special time out case, where the source control status can't verify if the server is still there or not, or when the source control window is waiting for a reply of the server that will never come.

The time-out is probably too long and when we click cancel, the time-out is not overruled and the source control window remains in this waiting state, even when we click continue.

Are there associated issues in the issue tracker I can keep an eye on?

Also, are there any ways to relieve the very long inital time it takes in order to be productive with Resharper?

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