The dating guy cherry sundae

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If she moved too quickly she knew she would expose her bare breast. Here she placed a package of clothes pins in the cart along with four 12" taper candles and two large chip bag clamps. The freezing milkshake caused her nipples to harden to the point of being painful."Put some on your pussy too." The teachers fingers dipped into the frosty and she smeared it all over her pussy. C." Her breath began to come in short gasps as the cold frosty stimulated her hot pussy. This went on for fifteen minutes while Lisa calmly ate her dinner and the teacher played with herself and became hotter and hotter much to her dismay. " "No" "Before you were married how many men fucked you Mrs. " Standing naked with a shaved pussy now very wet, Mary mentally counted her sex partners. She opened the tube of lubricant and applied it gingerly to the plug.

I'm sorry." "Do you want it to be two more buttons? " answered Mary as she opened the third button on her blouse. "One more stop" said Lisa as she moved off to the housewares section. Mary rode in silence as Lisa drove toward her house. She began to panic as Lisa pulled into Wendy's drive through line. Mary wanted to please the teen because she had demonstrated her progressive discipline plan. Please don't ask me these questions." "Have you every cheated on your husband? She looked at the plug in her hand and thought, 'This will never fit inside me'.

Leave the top two buttons open on your blouse." Mary almost felt more naked dress this way. Simon." Lisa pulled the car into the Walmart parking lot. The air was chilly which added to the hardening of her nipples. She moved quickly to follow the young athletic student across the lot. Mary put the items in the trunk and climbed into the car. Mary quickly slide her skirt up to barely below her pussy as before. She was sucking her fingers clean as ordered by her student. The naked teacher standing before her fully dress student couldn't believe Lisa was asking her these questions. Reaching back she placed the tip of the plug on her ass hole and began to push. She pushed harder and the tip began to spread the tight ring.

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At 5'7" and 120# she was proud of her body, no sagging, firm legs and tight tummy to go with her firm 35 inch bust. Man this is going to be some senior year, she thought. One pair of 3" black , one pair of 3" brown, and one pair of 3" red. The shoe boxes added one pair of 3" sandals to the shoe rack and one pair 4" white heels, and a pair of 5" black spike heels. She felt like she was parading like some kind of prostitute. Mary had hoped Lisa wouldn't go through that because her vibrator was in that drawer along with a very sexy book she had been reading. She closed her eyes and began sliding the vibrator up and down her wet slit. Of course if you displease me I might be forced to show these new pictures to someone." "I'm yours Ms. I want you to clean up the mess in the bathroom, pack all the clothes and things on the floor and take them to the basement, then fix me something to eat. Owned Teacher CHAPTER 9 Mary struggled to carry all of the packages upstairs on her aching feet. " The red faced teacher straightened quickly and answered, "It is uncomfortable Ms. Mary reach back and slowly spread her ass exposing her plugged ass hole to Lisa. Simon" said the sucking teacher around the rubber cock in her mouth.

With no real direction, and not much in the bank, they live day to day, and explore the world of dating.

They're out of school and living on their own, but they aren't settled yet.

Please don't leave." screamed the panicked teacher. Slowly she began unbuttoning her blouse from the neck down. "Take it off" demanded Lisa as she moved back to the desk. She stood before her student with her blouse off wondering how far this would go. C." Mary reached behind her back and opened the clasp on her bra. "In the garbage." The once demanding senior English teacher now stood naked in her classroom before her 18 year old student. As she fumbled with the latch on the gate with her arms filled with packages she heard the sound of an approaching vehicle. " asked Lisa as she saw the moisture in her teacher's spread pussy. After about ten minutes of cutting and clipping Lisa ordered Mary to look in the mirror. She looked ten years younger and with the shaved pussy very hot. Mary picked up the keys and crawled out of the safety of her garage into her driveway and up into her car. She checked her draws, closet and her shoe rack while the uncomfortable teacher knelt quietly by the door. C.' I want to look through your clothes too." Owned Teacher CHAPTER 4 As they entered bedroom Lisa ordered the collared teacher to kneel in the center of the room. "I got this for you because you complained about the salad Mrs. She stood by the door and waited for permission to get into the car.

She stepped out of it and placed in on the desk next to her blouse. Get those ugly panties and pantyhose off this instant." Stung by the harsh words of her student Mary removed her panties and pantyhose. Quickly gathering the packages and her paddle from school Mary ran to the back gate. Mary couldn't see what was happening but a lot of hair was coming off. Lisa tossed the car keys to Mary and ordered, "Crawl out and drive the car into the garage. Lisa spent quite a bit of time looking through Amy's room. The horrified teacher picked up a bread stick and carefully reached under the table to push it into her pussy which was to her further embarrassment very wet, as it always seemed to be anymore. Lisa ordered each of them each a chocolate sundae for dessert. Several people noticed and she could see their stares as she ate the sundae with her fingers. When she waddled out to the car with the plug tightly in her ass she found Lisa looking through the bags from the adult store.

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