Power dating core

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To make sure it isn't just about lots of cores, Intel also features "Turbo Boost Max" technology that tests the individual chip to identify which cores are physically fastest because slight variations in manufacturing can give some cores better results than others.

This technology means tasks that need the fastest single-core operation possible can be allocated to the best cores on the chip.

It was somehow as if the rest of us weren’t there, and she acted almost if she were alone in the room with the forlorn-looking man who, with downcast eyes, was already sinking another whisky.

If this had been a workplace, she wouldn’t have stood a chance – harassment, bullying, mental cruelty – any judge or tribunal would have nailed her.

You heard that right: Intel is going for "10-core" in its branding here, ditching the logical naming progression to "deca-core." Apparently, we don't need Latin with speeds like this chip promises.

Research by Deborah Gruenfeld and colleagues at Stanford University suggest one possible reason: if we arouse power feelings in otherwise ordinary people, they begin to see others as objects.You'll find all those cores in Intel's top Extreme Edition chip, the i7-6950X: For those not playing buzzword bingo, these features essentially work together to make a chip that can handle the bigger workloads demanded by applications, such as 4K gaming and VR content creation.And here's where mega-tasking comes in and where Intel says heavy users will find the most benefits."Multitasking is basically the ability to switch between unrelated applications," said Soqui."You might be doing a Power Point and then switch to the web or run a movie, but none of those things are actually related to each other.When we talk about mega-tasking we're talking about simultaneous, compute-intensive, multithreaded workloads that are aligned in a purpose."So if you're editing 4K or 360-degree video, rendering 3D graphics, importing high-res images from your camera and uploading them to the cloud, you'll be able to do all of these things more quickly, without task switching.

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