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BPD Today Family Board ICQ List Family ICQ List Chemical Dependency Forum (All, Alcohol, Drugs) Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Forum Chronic Pain Forum Depression Chatroom Depression Bulletin Board! Self Injury Bulletin Board Seniors and Mental Health (Support for seniors with mental health disorders). Feeling Lonely For Teenagers with Depression and/or Anxiety Teenage Pregnancies Borderline Personality Disorder Teen Board Compulsive Overeaters Big, Bold & Beautiful Workaholism Forum Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Domestic Violence Victims Sexual Abuse Survivors Victims of Violent Crimes Board If you are looking for a support group that you do not find here, please let me know and I'll see about putting one up!

For Teenagers with Depression and/or Anxiety DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Information and Support Email Support Group DBT Bulletin Board Dissociative Identity Disorder Chat Dissociative Identity Disorder Forum Eating Disorders Forum (General Discussion. Bulimia - consumers, families and open forum Compulsive Overeater's Forum Addison's Disease (There is virtually no emotional support for this rare disorder on the Internet). Lonely Seniors Sex Addiction Forum Sexual Abuse Survivors Board Schizoaffective Disorder Sleep Disorders Forum Mental Health Spiritual Support Forum (Feel free to ask Rev. If you have a question about an existing forum, write to Patty.

I wish there was more control on the chats that you are first given cause I got a New York Chat room, yet I live in Florida so Im probably gonna leave that cause I wont understand most of the stuff people in there talk about.

I like though how when you select to talk to a random person, you/they are given permission if you accept them to keep talking to you.

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Overall, this app has alot of great potential, and I hope the developers reach out and read what we, the users, have to say about the app to improve it and make it better for the future community.

She says that she wants her baby to be loved and cared for as much as possible.

This birthmother would like a private adoption mother is interested in placing her baby with a fun-loving family o...

- Jennifer Slisa [View Message] Hey dear this is really good to see that you guys are planing to adopt a child and one thing is for sure that you should always go a reputed orphanage as nowadays this is a business and they will tell you all sorts of things which are illegal and should not go with them....

- Anita [View Message] Hi dear this is really sad to see that you are still not blessed with a child how many years you are been married if you can reply so that i can guide you in this matter and will surely be a great help for you as well, all the best dear for your future....

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