No ip address not updating

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It only tells that "IP address for alias '' needs update to 'a.b.c.d'".There's no inadyn process running in the background as expected. ) Read the above mentioned tickets to get more details about the issue itself.

If you're not 100% sure that you're accessing only your computer via an IP only assigned to you you're doing something which computer illiterate people – among them some judges – call hacking or computer fraud.

Here I want to protocol which revision and/or hardware has problems.

r16454 - (tested by me: on Brain Slayer build) (Thanks st07) r17084 - not working (tested by vaiost:, (Thanks vaiost) r17201 - not working (tested: on Brain Slayer build) P.

I have a NO-IP account which I use for Dynamic DNS.

I downloaded and installed the noip2 package from the Ubuntu repository, and I configured it properly.

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