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Our first attempt at a threesome—us plus her friend in a bathroom at a birthday party—was going swimmingly until a whispered conversation between the women turned into some light slapping.

I had never seen a female guest at SVT, but Diana's friend—let's call her Jenna—insisted that couples come in all of the time.I don't remember exactly what I said to Diana when I fell hard for her three years ago, but it went something like this: "I'd be happy to commit my mind and soul to you, but I think we should keep our bodies in the public domain, because the idea of having sex with only one person out of a possible seven billion seems kind of insane." I was relieved.I've fallen for plenty of women whose idea of monogamy flexed for no man.Paying a stripper friend seemed like a logical next step—a more intimate experience with an eject button close at hand.So on a recent Friday night, we had a few drinks before we had a few drinks and then summoned an Uber to Midtown.

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