Live skype chat adult

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Live ISAD chats are scheduled on October 7 and 14 (as practice) and a big, official chat is scheduled on International Stuttering Awareness Day - October 22.

You can listen to incoming sound through your standard speakers, or through earphones.

To be able to join in, you'll have to add my skype ID, which is jan_sobie, to your list, and write a note in the invitation window, just so I know who's who.

Judy: Although audio/video conferencing should not take the place of in-person contacts that are typically an integral part of speech therapy, support group meetings, and every-day social contacts for people who stutter, checking through the archives of [email protected], it quickly becomes apparent that the consumer community of people who stutter have been exploring the potential of audio and video conferencing for face-to-face chats for some time.

It is recommended that you use a headset (not that much more than a mic) because using your machine's sound output generates an awful lot of feedback, and it tends to be impossible to have a decent conversation when even just a couple of chatters generate feedback, cause it bounces from one to another, and then doubles !! Also be aware that the latest skype version can only host up to 10 people at once. a fast dialup modem or any broadband connection will suffice.

Needless to say, the better your connection, the better the sound quality and response times.

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