Khatia buniatishvili nude

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Can you, in the wildest flight of fancy, imagine a reviewer talking in such terms about sublime women artists of the past, such as Myra Hess, Maria Yudina, Maria Grinberg, Clara Haskil, Marcelle Meyer, Marguerite Long, Kathleen Ferrier?

Can you see any of them allowing themselves to be photographed in the style of“lads’ mags”?

They didn’t disappoint the Peeping Tom lurking under my aging surface.

Just about all the photographs showed the ladies in various stages of undress, in bed, lying in suggestive poses on top of the piano, playing in frocks (if any) open to the coccyx in the back and/or to the navel up front. The other is that none of them is all that good at her day job and some, such as Wang, are truly awful.

Yet this doesn’t really matter either to them or to the public or, most important, to those who form the public tastes by writing about music and musicians.

Thus, for example, a tabloid pundit expressing his heartfelt regret that Nicola Benedetti “won’t be posing for the lads’ mags anytime soon. She’s a violinist, which is to say fiddler – well, you do get it.

(Yes, I know the photograph I mentioned doesn’t show much of her figure apart from the luscious shoulders but, the prurient side of my nature piqued, I did a bit of a web crawl.) Just for the hell of it I looked at the publicity shots of other currently active female musicians, such as Yuja Wang, Joanna Mac Gregor, Nicola Bendetti, Alison Balsom (nicknamed ‘crumpet with a trumpet’, her promos more often suggest ‘a strumpet with a trumpet’ instead), Anne-Sophie Mutter and a few others.Season Four of the “Talent” show kicked off on October 14 with an updated panel of judges that now features pianist Khatia Buniatishvili, actress Ia Parulava and Rustavi2 Director General Nika Gvaramia.Buniatishvili, who has captured the attention before with the abundance of her natural assets, has been sounding off in Vienna about what makes her such a natural artist.One way to judge may be from the plentiful videos she has on You TUBE, where she seems to be following the path of Valentina Lisitsa (below) to alternative media fame with both mainstream repertoire and unusual pieces. (See just one example, a la Christopher O’Riley and his transcriptions of Radiohead songs, with more than one million hits, at the bottom).

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