James and oliver phelps dating

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“On the third film, we were having a meeting with Alfonso [Cuarón], and either James cut me off or I cut James off, and you just saw a smile appear on Alfonso’s face, and he said, ‘Oh, I like that, I like that.

Lets work But James is quick to point out that twins aren’t identical in every way, even when they’re as closely knit as the Weasleys.

The Phelps twins occasionally find themselves finishing each other’s sentences, Oliver said, which is how the Weasley twins began speaking in unison on the big screen.

“That’s how it all came into the film really,” Oliver said.

They see the danger, and they want to go at things full on.” That’s not to say their methods don’t still have the Weasley flair for a good gag.

In one scene called “Seven Harry scene,” six cast members all become Harry to help him in an escape plot, in the tradition of “The Thomas Crown Affair” – a typical Weasley twin stunt, James said.

“So I guess that was something ticked off the box.” Though he was anxious to portray the “shocking” moment as readers had imagined it, he said, dying wasn’t all that difficult. “I guess that was quite easy.” Losing an ear also proved pain-free for Oliver.“It’s been as good as you’d expect and better, because they are genuinely really nice people.You go on set with all these legends, and I suppose you’d assume them to be big egos, but not at all.“We’ve always been able to turn up on set and just keep smiling while the camera’s rolling.It was really good being able to show a different side of the character, and being able to show that Fred and George are quite aggressive, as well.

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