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When asked for backup, Americans for Prosperity, founded by billionaire businessman and activist David Koch, provided a list of 264 votes dating back to Feingold’s 1993 debut in the U. The foundational question is what constitutes a vote to "raise taxes"?

More than half the votes cited in the ad — 150 — came on budget resolutions, which set non-binding parameters for considering tax and spending legislation.

Despite the offsetting effect, Americans for Prosperity lists it as a tax increase.

Our rating Americans for Prosperity says Feingold voted more than 250 times to raise taxes as a U. senator, contending any vote in support of a higher tax should be part of that tally.

It’s not often that Senator Feingold asks Wisconsinites for donations after he decided to fully flop on his 1992 Garage Door Pledge "for the future." Yet, when he does, he makes sure to totally rip them off. Russ Feingold and his allies to help liberal candidates and causes during the state’s recall fervor.

ICYMI, read more from the : Feingold’s state PAC gave only 20% to candidates Milwaukee Journal Sentinel By Daniel Bice October 14, 2016 TZv Zn Progressives United for Wisconsin was a political action committee set up by former U. “Progressives United, the advocacy group Feingold founded nearly three years ago, recently announced it was forming a Wisconsin political action committee (PAC) aimed at defeating Gov.

Democrat Russ Feingold spent nearly two decades in the U. Senate, and is now trying to win back his old seat from Republican Ron Johnson, who ousted Feingold in 2010.

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Senator Feingold’s decision to trick his Wisconsin donors into stuffing his own pockets is a new low.Gordon said that element of the ad’s claim "is probably the worst argument of all of them" from a fiscal policy perspective."The voter reading that is going to believe (Feingold) voted in 250 separate times to raise an individual’s own income tax," Gordon said."Budget resolutions enact procedural changes in order to ease the passage of those policies — voting for a budget resolution is plainly supporting the policies it outlines." The ad’s tally also includes many votes that were actually against tax cuts — not in favor of tax increases.Feingold spokesman Michael Tyler said Feingold campaign counted more than 150 such examples among the votes cited by Americans for Prosperity. When Politi Fact Florida fact-checked a nearly identical claim about votes to raise taxes, three federal budget experts generally agreed that a vote against a new tax cut isn’t the same as a vote for a tax increase.

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