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Compared with September 2016, youth unemployment decreased by 396 000 in the EU28 and by 229 000 in the euro area.

In September 2017, the youth unemployment rate was 16.6 % in the EU28 and 18.7 % in the euro area, compared with 18.3 % and 20.4 % respectively in September 2016.

In the second quarter of 2001 the number of unemployment persons had dropped to 19.6 million and the unemployment rate to 8.7 %. At the end of 2004 the number of jobseekers available for work reached 21.2 million, while the unemployment rate was 9.2 %.

It remained much lower until early 2008, when unemployment started to increase rapidly.

By the beginning of 2009 the unemployment rate in the United States had reached the same level as in the EU-28, and stayed above the EU-28 rate until the beginning of 2010.

Since then the US unemployment rate has followed a downwards path which has taken it to 4.7 % at the end of 2016.

In Japan, between 20, unemployment rates were much lower than in the EU, ranging between 5.4 % in the third quarter 2009 and 3.0 % in the third quarter of 2016.

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