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And from this data you will forecast the price, so they cannot be part of the slope or intercept.

You can use the Linest() formula to get more statistical data as part of your output (std errors of slope and intercept, the R-squared, the degree of freedom, etc).

I am looking for something like this: Part List Thank you.

Sorry stevech if this sounds dumb but where in the Digikey BOM manager can I find these lists?

it's like, if you can afford Outlook email client, you can afford all the other shareware apps that work with it.

Fortunately, there are alternatives and Linux has its pluses in that area.

Thank you very much in advance for elucidating this dilemna.

Most forums tolerate a bump per day, some prefer longer between bumps - somebody will let you know if they feel you are bumping a bit rapidly; till it is a mod or admin telling you you bump too often you can usually afford to ignore them. Yea i did see the thread from EK701 and the schematic has some numbers as well so i have most of the important stuff but i would really appreciate a working parts like to reduce any potential problems.

Would anyone who has completed a standalone Teensy 3.1 care to share their Bill of Materials?

I would like to reduce any potential headaches with making a custom board.

I don't know if this is exactly what you are looking for, but it is a very good explantion of the function sumproduct. It is indeed a very good explanation of the sum Product function which gives you the average price per Unit.

But what I need to know is the future average price according to the past trend.

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