Dating traditions in different cultures

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The modern times The advent of technology and modern means of communication have liberalized the courtship etiquettes and even the family members do not pose any restrictions to dating or going out in public.

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Only flowers, letters and paintings were allowed to be gifted during the courtship period and the girl could only give gifts in return. Courting the girl’s family This is rather interesting.

It requires understanding and it is best these couples enter into marriage with an open mind, and be ready to accept your partner for who she/he is and not what they have had before.

Whatever cultural background one may have, at the marriage ceremony as the couple pledge to love and cherish each other to the end, a new beginning starts and so is the new family.

These are deeply rooted within them, and each individual has unspoken rules and beliefs that the other partner may not be aware of.

As such these should be discussed and brought out in the open for the success of the marriage.

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