Dating married sexy

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I’d still prefer a three-city rotation of Miami / New Orleans / San Diego, though. My question: I work with a *stunning* South American woman, who is also sweet and very smart, in a professional office setting.After months of pleasantries, she revealed to me last week that she’s had dreams about me. Dreams that she couldn’t articulate because they were “inappropriate” and “could lead to bad things”. To maintain green card status; to a guy she was interested in seven years ago but not at all anymore, and his feeling seems to be mutual.I should be down here for another year so any advice would be greatly appreciated.-John Okay, so I’m not going to go into a whole thing on the civilian-military divide.I also don’t want to step on any marriage, no matter how dysfunctional. And so the best approach is the most passive one possible: let her set the bar for communication, physical contact, etc.You’re free to reciprocate, of course, but I shouldn’t need to remind you of the risk of fucking a married woman without citizenship.As long as you’re in this early stage — that is, woozy with desire and amped on the adrenaline spike of clandestine communication — you’re going to particularly susceptible to falling for someone who is (a) married/unavailable and (b) in danger of being deported should that marriage end.

********** Captain, First, I hope you enjoyed your time in our Valley of the Sun for the Super Bowl festivities.I want to get to know her, and made it clear that i’m not simply a shoulder to cry on, but an interested party. I’m confused and eager and could use some straightening out. Godspeed, Garth Marenghi I’ve never wooed a married woman, but I been interested in someone who was in an unhappy relationship (more than once, unfortunately).She’s into me and there’s no governmental benefit for her regarding citizenship. You’re obviously treading in dangerous territory — dangerous for your emotions, dangerous in the risk of failure, dangerous if the husband happens to be a gun owner.All it takes is one slip-up or an admission of guilt to her husband, and BOOM!Back to Colombia or wherever, unless you wanna marry her before Customs can file the paperwork.

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