Breaking bad dating patterns for men

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It was tempting to blame my dating troubles on the men I dated or on the fact that I just hadn’t met the “one.” When I sat down to really look at why things were as they were, I realized it wasn’t that the guys were necessarily to blame.

It was a series of bad habits on my end that were hurting my romantic efforts.

Later when I got married, I began to realize that this well-intentioned desire to be everywhere for everybody at once was hurting my relationships.

In my desperate desire to please others, I convinced myself that by saying sorry, I was somehow alleviating a situation and pulling guys closer when, in fact, I was pushing them away.I ditched my long-standing plans with him because I felt bad leaving her.But really, in that case, he should have been my priority.This often tied in with my insecurities about dating in general.I wanted to prove to these men that I was my own person, a responsible adult who could take care of herself.

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