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I would also like to point out that even just the front page of perpetuates a number of stereotypes of bisexual people, particularly that they are not interested in having a serious relationship with one person.The only popular dating website that acknowledges bisexuality is, which lets you specify that the seeker is “bisexual.” This may not be surprising, since okcupid has always been fairly progressive thinking and interested in ideas of orientation, gender, etc. It simply dispelled the trope that “it gets better” when you come out.After years of sleepless nights questioning my sexuality, blacked out unprotected sex with men, and feeling like a liar to every person I ever dated, I was excited about the prospect of finding love after embracing my (bi)sexuality.In other words, as a bisexual woman, you have to choose to either look for lesbian/bi women or for straight/bi men, excluding half of the relevant combinations.There is a website targeted explicitly to bisexual people, called, but this site only allows you to search for other bisexual individuals (again, excluding half of the relevant combinations).


Both gay men and straight women refused to date me for the stereotypes commonly believed about bisexuals: I’m actually gay; I’ll leave them for a person of another gender; I’m confused, greedy, incapable of being monogamous, and so on and so forth.All I knew is that my experience wasn’t as unique as I thought it was—the dozens upon dozens of emails I got after my piece went viral had made that abundantly clear.I wanted to increase bisexual visibility so these people could know they weren’t alone.But what I didn’t realize is that when it comes to the visibility of minority groups, depictions must always be positive even if that leaves out some unsavory truths.For example, an editor of mine recently declined a piece, despite liking it, about a sexual encounter in which I was lied to about HIV status.

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