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Looking at their outfits, you can't tell what shoes they were putting on and so is Rema who was equally clad in a very long black outfit, that's just how long their outfits were.

In fact, some fans bashed Iryn and Juliana saying that their outfits fell short, but they know which outfit for what occasion.

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"I had not even watched J-Lo's video, but during the shooting, I knew I had seen something like that before.Related News: It's a known fact Juliana Kanyomozi releases one song in a year and sits back, the money will still trickle in.And for Juliana to perform at any function she won't settle for anything less than shs5m/-.Cindy, who has just released her latest video; ' I Run this City' tried to give a similar impression when she performed her Selector song for the King but she fell flat.Star Singer, Juliana Kanyomozi, was yesterday appearing on 88.2 Sanyu FM and top on the agenda was her latest video.

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